Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God moves fast so be ready!

Thank God for another beautiful day of sunshine, family, life, and so much more!  I hope you are all doing fantastic and that God is blessing you beyond belief! 

Today I got exactly what I've asked God for.  It's been nearly three years since I started searching for the answers, but on Sunday I gave him my family member who isn't well and two days later he answered my prayer!  You must understand I didn't get the answer I wanted, BUT I asked him to take my family member in his hands and he gave me the answer in only three days. God moves fast, so be ready! He's hard at work in our lives, it's just all about how we see things.

For nearly three years I went to every doctor appointment with a loved one.  Trust me, we went to EVERY doctor, specialist, nurse, and so on (you get the picture).  I made sure all medical tests were run, and they all told me the same thing, which was "She is fine."  She also told me she was fine.  My heart told me otherwise, as did God.  I just wanted an answers and quite frankly a diagnosis so we could get her the proper treatment she needed. 

"Ask me and I will tell you things you don't know and can't find out."  Jeremiah 33:3

Again, on Sunday I gave her to God and today (Tuesday) I got the answers and a new diagnosis.  Not just any diagnosis, but one that makes some sense.  I'm still trying to process all the information and I've forced myself to stop researching.  I even went as far as to video the doctor talking to me and two other close family members to be quite certain I was hearing him correctly.  I heard what he was saying, but it didn't register.  I listened to the video of the doctor explaining the diagnosis three times and something finally registered in my brain. 

Dementia (which was more than likely caused by Alzheimer's Disease).  There is no cure. 

"Pile you troubles on God's shoulders-- he'll carry your load , he'll help you out.  He'll never let good people topple into ruin."  Psalm 55:22

I've done enough research to know more than I knew before now & enough to stop researching.  I also know that God has got this.  I know he's in control.  I know my family member with dementia will have peace. 

It's been a long and trying week, but God IS HARD AT WORK!  I hope you all are being the best you can be, loving, laughing, living, resting, and all the other great stuff that this wonderful life is made up of.  God bless you all.  Please know that there IS hope in each and every situation and if you open up your pretty eyes you will see God's work.  Sleep tight sweet friends!