Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Belated Mother's Day

I hope you all had the best Mother's Day in the history of Mother's Days!  I am thankful and blessed to have been able to spend the day with three of the strongest and most admirable women I know (my mother, grandmother, and step-grandmother). 

I'm sure it was a tough day for some of you who have lost your mothers, grandmothers, or great grandmothers.  My heart goes out to you all and I understand the pain you may feel.  I couldn't help but remember my grandmother and great grandmother on Mother's Day.  I think of them often, but on this day they were both weighing heavy on my heart (even though they have both been hanging out with God in heaven since I was around the age of nine).

 I suppose the thoughts and feelings I had and still have for my loved ones that have passed are normal.  I wish they could see their grandsons and I hope that they are pleased with my parenting.  I know this may be selfish, but I can't help but think that I wish they could see my sweet boys and I now.  However, I know that heaven is a much better place and they probably wouldn't return to this Earth if they could!  Knowing they were both Christian women gives me hope and comfort.  I hope God has chosen them both to be our guardian angels, because I know they would be perfect candidates for the job (even if it is an extremely busy one!). 

My sweeties and I spent Mother's Day moving from house to house after church.  I'm NOT complaining.  I'm extremely thankful!  As you all know, holidays are quite different for the boys and I. Before I became a single mom, I'm certain I took many holidays for granted.  I had no idea then that one day I'd have to send my youngest to his daddy's house for half of the holidays.  Sadly, it wasn't until our holidays changed forever that I learned to cherish and value every second of them (crazy busy or not!).

I spent the night before Mother's Day wide awake in bed.  I can function on three to four hours of sleep for a day or two, but my body and mind can run on a few hours of sleep for more than a couple consecutive nights.  My precious boys have a bedtime for a reason & I'm thinking that this mommy needs a bedtime for a reason also! 

We successfully made it to church, sat through church, visited three mothers, & skipped nap time!  It was a wonderful day.  I received my FAVORITE kind of gifts and cards, which are the thoughtful, heartfelt, & homemade kind.  It's nice to be presented with a "Mother of the year award, A letter to the Editor explaining that I should win the award for many reasons."  Do I want to be "Mother of the Year?"  Absolutely not!  That's an impossible role for me to fill, but when my seven year old showed me the letter he had written to an editor explaining why I should win this award, my heart was overflowing.  My seven year old thinks I'm pretty, not mean, and an awesome mom!  That means more to me than anything money can buy!  I hope this means I'm doing my job as a mom correctly & I prefer to be a mom that is raising sweet boys that God is pleased with as well. 

"Dear Friends, if we feel at ease in the presence of God, we will have the courage to come near him.  He will give us whatever we ask, because we obey him and do what pleases him."  1 John 3:21-22

In my opinion, the MOST important thing is being a Godly mother.  Being a great mother is important too, but I know that I will be held accountable for the way I raise my boys and I'm working hard to ensure they are men of God. 

It is pretty basic to me, but if you think about it long enough it will tug at your heart strings.  Are we all setting the examples not only for our children see, but for everyone we come in contact with?  Are we an inspiration or the kind of person that no one aspires to be?  I KNOW I'm not perfect, but I've finally reached a place in my life where I'm certain that God is smiling (MOST of the time) at the mom I am and the example I try to set. 

I hope you all find yourself answering those questions knowing that you all are the example you want to set for your children and other people.  I know that we all may be the only Jesus some people will ever see.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we should pack everyday with a list of "good deeds" to do.  I think we should simply go by the golden rule. 

I have so much more to learn and plenty of room for improvement as a mommy, but I'm content knowing that I've come so far and I'm so much better than I used to be.  Guess what?  We will all continue to grow and better ourselves if we only try.  I know God doesn't expect super heroes out of any of us, which is a good thing because I'm FAR from that. 

"For if a man is in Christ he becomes a new person altogether--the past is finished and gone, everything has become fresh and new."  2 Corinthians 5:17

I hope you all are having a wonderful week filled with laughter, rest, and happiness.  May God Bless you all and Happy belated Mother's Day from this mommy to you!  I admire, respect, and appreciate all you all do (even if you don't have children).  Being a mommy is THE BEST job title I've ever been given, but it's also the hardest (and usually in most cases moms do so many things that go without a simple "thank you" or any kind of acknowledgement).  I acknowledge you all and wish I could high five you all for being (and working on being better) wonderful mommies and readers.  Have a wonderful week!

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