Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Ultimate Protector

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!  I'm so thankful and blessed beyond words for the wonderful life God has given me.  Today has been a busy one and I hoping I'll find my "second wind" soon. 

I've been thinking a ton lately about all of my roles as a single mommy.  Being a single mommy doesn't define who I am, but it is a HUGE part of my life and actions.  It has been a wonderful and rewarding ride, and it's also been an adjustment to say the least.  It seems to be that as soon as I think "I've got this single parent stuff," I learn another lesson in life.  I'm grateful that God trusts me so much to give me all these different hats to wear and that he trusts someone like ME to be able to be mommy. 

Last night my youngest son decided to test my skills with a late night trip to the emergency room.  You'd think that after all the times we have been that those trips with sick sweeties would get easier for me.  It hasn't yet and I can't even count all the times we have been!  I'm not a rush to the doctor or hospital kind of person either. 

My youngest (22 months) had a fever that wouldn't be reduced from medication, a warm bath, and as much liquid as I could force him to drink.  When I saw the thermometer read 104.5, I think I went into something I like to think of as survival mode blended with tons of adrenaline!  Thank goodness dad came or I'm not sure I'd have made it as the doctor proceeded to tell me there wasn't ever a reason to bring anyone with a fever unless it's 108! 

I didn't panic, but I'm sure if I was watching the clock I would have seen that I may have set a record time for getting to the emergency room.  A wonderful official turned on his blue lights, and I turned on my flashers (I didn't get a ticket, nor did I get stopped thank goodness).  I knew that I was close and nobody was going to come between my sick baby and getting him better as quickly as I could.

I began to realize today (after ten days, two boys, two emergency room visits, 2 splints,  & one surgery)
that it is my job to make sure my sweet boys are protected.  That's a HUGE responsibility when you have BOYS who act like boys!

Sometimes I forget that God is their ultimate protector and healer.  That lifts a ton of weight from my shoulders!  I used to wonder why a loving God would allow pain & sickness.  I don't have the answers, but I know in my situation God uses these events to teach me something.  I've just felt that based upon the past week and half God may want me to know that not only does he have my life in his hands, but he has my little sweeties in his hands as well. 

Here's the part where God answers prayers and this is only  one example.  I've always dreamed of co-parenting with my ex-husband.  I understand that this isn't an easy thing to do in the beginning (or ever), but it IS what I believe is best.

I've prayed for so long for God to open the door of difficult communication.  He has!  Did the co-parenting begin when I thought it should?  Of course NOT!  It happened when God knew it was right and I'm elated about it!

It is extremely difficult for me to see how God works circumstances out for a reason sometimes, but I'm beginning to take a closer look and becoming more receptive to God.  It is amazing!

I pray that you all are able to see and feel God work in your lives and in others.  Make it a great week & remember that God is the ultimate healer & protector.  I promise you he is actively working in our lives.  We just have to choose to see these  things! 

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